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About Dr. Evelyn

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About Dr. Evelyn Goodman

My career began in 1979 when I became an intern with the TERRAP Anxiety Treatment Program. Treatment for anxiety disorders, panic, and phobias was in its infancy, somewhat experimental and controversial at the time. I had the good fortune to be among a group of clinicians who were creating a model of treatment that has since been proven highly effective by research studies and years of clinical experience. Anxiety disorder treatment has evolved over the years and now I incorporate strategies from many models of treatment to create a therapeutic experience that is unique and effective for each person I work with.

My teaching experience includes classes taught at Santa Monica Community College, Beverly Hills Adult Education and Culver City Adult Education.  The classes focused on Interpersonal Communication Skills, Stress Management Strategies, Self-Esteem Enhancement and Anger Management.

In addition, I have presented workshops on anxiety disorder treatment at conferences given by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  In order to bring understanding of anxiety disorder treatment to the community, I have sponsored free seminars in West Los Angeles.

At Airport-Marina Counseling Center in Westchester, California, I was a clinical supervisor of interning therapists, and continue to consult with therapists-in-training as well as licensed therapists on clinical and treatment issues.

Published articles have appeared in Treatment Today (“Relapse in Panic Disorder“) and The California Therapist (“The Panic Personality”).

I was educated at U.C. Berkeley, California State University, Northridge, and American Behavioral Institute, Los Angeles.  I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1983.  In 2000,  I received certification as a specialist in Health Psychology from American Behavioral Institute. In 2018 I received certification in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health.