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Change is in the air, I feel it all around me.
Maybe because it’s almost the end of the year,
or the end of the Mayan calendar. This is my last
newsletter and it’s one of the changes I am making
in my practice. I hope you have benefitted from them
and that they have helped you along in some way. I
enjoy sharing information and was glad to have this
way of reaching out to you.
Changes, whether those we seek out or those that
come upon us, can create feelings of stress and anxiety.
Lionel Shriver said “Change is like that; you are no longer
where you were; you are not yet where you will get; you
are nowhere exactly.”
Change makes life feel uncertain,
especially if you are one who likes a sense of certainty and
predictability in your days. Yet change is the only certainty
in life-nothing stays the same forever. One door closes and
another one opens.

Life changes also requires new coping skills, confronting
challenges that we have never faced before. This can be
experienced as exciting or difficult or frightening. Your
personality has a say in how you will cope; if you avoid,
become obsessive, or perfectionistic, or people pleasing
you will probably feel stressed.

And if it begins to feel too difficult to deal with the challenges
in your life I hope you know you can contact me.

This brings me to express my gratitude that you have chosen
to share your struggles and pain with me and have allowed
me to practice the craft I so value doing.

I will be keeping this contact list for any future announcements.
If you prefer not to receive them please write unsuscribe in
the subject line of my email

Wishing you peace, joy and good health in the future and always.