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The Journey

I’m going to share a story:

     A farmer was dying and on his deathbed, with his sons around him.
With his last once of strength he told his sons that there was a vast
treasure buried under the fields. And then he died, leaving his sons
to try to figure out where the treasure was buried.

     Soon after the father was gone the sons started to dig to try to find
the treasure. Desperately they toiled day and night in the hopes of
finding the treasure that was their legacy, turning over every inch of
the field. But no treasure was found. Finally, feeling tired and discouraged,
they gave up the search and went home to their families.

     The next year the farm yielded its best harvest ever.

     The fortune the father had hinted at was the untapped potential of
the fields. The power of the treasure was in the journey towards it.
The goal of the journey was not in finding a magical treasure but
in the lessons the journey yields.

Or, as John Lennon wrote, “Life is what happens to you while you are
making other plans”.

Recovery from an anxiety disorder is such a journey. It is hard work, requiring
courage and persistence. There are setbacks and disappointments. You wonder
if you will ever conquer your fears. Then one day you stop and notice that you
have grown in many ways; you aren’t completely the same person you were
when you started the work of recovery. You are calmer, more accepting of
yourself and others, more willing to take risks, more assertive, and less fearful
of making mistakes. In the process of overcoming your anxiety you have
discovered a stronger sense of yourself.

Free Book

Free From Fears by Ann Seagrave and Faison Covington was first published in
1987 and was one of the first self-help books written on anxiety disorder treatment.
You may recognize Seagrave and Covington if you are familiar with the CHAANGE
anxiety disorder treatment program. It is now being offered as a free digital download
on the CHAANGE website. (

While the CHAANGE program may be used as a self-help treatment, it is most
effective when done in conjunction with a therapist familiar with cognitive-behavioral
therapy. If there is no such therapist near you, phone sessions are an option. You can
speak with one of the therapists at the CHAANGE headquarters in San Diego, CA. or
you may contact me.

TV Program Recommendation

DR. OZ is a television show that aired this year. I am quite impressed with the
cutting edge information and emphasis on educating oneself about one’s body and
mind.  He presents experts in various fields of medical research as well as
alternative medicine. Coping with stress, anxiety and depression are often
discussed and includes nutritional rather than pharmaceutical ways of treatment.
The medical field is changing dramatically and will continue to in the future.
There are more treatment options available for any medical or psychological
problem than ever before. We must all be informed consumers so we can make
the best decisions possible regarding our healthcare.

Parting Words

Alfred Hitchcock: There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it.